Shineroad Food Technology Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

Shineroad Food Technology Vietnam Co.,Ltd was established in Vietnam in 2019. Shineroad was listed in HK Exchange in 2018, with the stock code of 1587.

The Group is a distributor in the food distribution industry with a focus on supplying food ingredients and food additives to food manufacturers in China and around the world. Our research and development capacity has distinguished us from other competitors in the industry and provides us a unique edge to develop our reputation and our diversified customer networks. With headquarters in Hong Kong and over 20 years of experience in the food industry, we specialize in supplying our extensive portfolio of over 1,000 food ingredients and food additives to food manufacturers world wide.

Shineroad International dedicates in great operation and innovative development. We introduce advanced lab equipment and experienced R&D team to lead the future of the industry. We cooperate with clients, associations and suppliers to exchange marketing information and technical know-how. We can professionally serve in beverage, confectionery, bakery, snack, healthcare and catering industry. By leveraging our research and development capability on food ingredients application solutions, we strive ”To be the Most Reliable Partner in Food Industry”.

Powerful sales network


The sales network has been widespread in China, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and more regions under exploration. Extensive sales channels of both industry and food service, covering all of the categories and customers.

Professional product center


Leading R&D center

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R&D Center —— Thailand (under construction)

Stable and efficient supply chain system


We execute stringent product control plans, and powerful supplier management processes to eliminate accidents and keep food safety. Global standards of QAQC, real time track of logistics and transportation, our employees have been trained with solid awareness of food safety.

Corporate culture

[Core value] Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork and Open-minded.

[Vision] To build a healthy and pretty life.

[Mission] A reliable partner in food industry

[Management philosophy] Technology driven and total food solution provider.

[Service philosophy] Sincerity   Standard   Efficiency   Safety

[Value of talent] Create a development platform for talents skill demonstration


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